Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Close Up Pictures Of Viginas What Kind Of Digital Camera I Need To Buy To Take Good Quality Close Up Pictures ?

What kind of digital camera I need to buy to take good quality close up pictures ? - close up pictures of viginas

I bought a new Kodak digital camera (12.2 pixels and 3x zoom), but still not good enough to take good photos of some of my pictures (it) is like a small ring. I wonder whether the good camera? Should I replace it? ... All ideas are welcome .. Thank you:)


It's That Guy said...

Your normal garden soil diversity of the camera is about 3 meters higher than that, you need a camera with macro capability. Please note that in the brochure or instructions. The chamber may have a macro mode, but then it could be quite extreme enough to fill the frame with something as small as a ring. Some cameras have macro and super macro mode. My camera (Canon) may relate to the actual surface of the lens!

Photographing almost presents the difficulties. The camera can actually obtain in their own light, to introduce the topic in the shade, unless you pay attention. And at that distance is not near to a depth of field, so it is difficult to realize this point. So, if you really want to do, it would be nice to have a manual exposure mode, where the f-stop at the smallest aperture to give the maximum may have set depth of field. This presupposes, of course, that it is much easier, or could be a long exposure, a small tabletop tripod is a good thing to keep the camera steady for long exposures. Mini-light canAtures think quite well with a few small desk lamps, or on a table beside a window with a card or sheet of white paper, on the other side, a little light in the darkness.

stubble2... said...

Close-up photography as macro photography is known. The purpose of this type of photography is to capture a close in great details, like butterfly wings and dew drops, or wedding rings and blows a fantastic full-size details.

Try to rent a digital SLR camera and a Canon 60mm lens or 100mm macro lens macro. This is what the professionals use.

You can learn more about it here: http://photo.net/learn/macro/

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